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02 Oct

New arrivals brand new with new model 50cc Petrol Scooter

Plenty of 50cc Petrol mopeds arrived at our place today, will getting the registration PLATES next week. Require Car Driver Licence only, acceptable even “P” licence, if you are...

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22 Nov

Tricycle hire for Family Fun, the brand name “tricicle”

Gold Coast Scooter Hire, here Welcome to Gold Coast! Do you want to riding our tricycles “tricicle“? Yes, you can enjoy our tricycle to look around following Ocean way…

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12 Nov

Now we opening 7 Days from 08:30~18:00.

We hiring 50cc Petrol scooters, electric scooters, Tricycles, electric bicycles & Xrobot. Just next door of Meriton Ocean Hotel 76 floor construction site.

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We open 7 days, now