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Tricycle Hire Gold CoastTricycle Hire Gold Coast
Scooter Hire
Gold Coast Scooter Hire

Gold Coast Petrol Scooter Hire(Licenced Tourist Vehicle Hiring Business)

Holiday, Gold Coast~!!!

Looking for a fun way to explore the Gold Coast? Look no further than our licensed vehicle hire company at next door the Meriton OCEAN Hotel Surfers Paradise(In front of Cypress Ave Tram Station). Whether you’re interested in a 50cc petrol, e-scooter eGo or electric tricycle, we’ve got you covered.

Just leave a text message at 0422 369 699 from your mobile, and we’ll send detailed information straight to your phone via text message.

Please note that someone has copied our website domain name as a title word on Google when you search for “Scooter Hire Gold Coast” or “Gold Coast Scooter Hire.” To ensure you’re hiring with the right company, please double-check the website domain name.

And don’t forget to bring your car driver’s license, even if it’s a “P” license, to hire one of our 50cc petrol mopeds. If you’re from overseas, we accept your country’s driver’s license as well.

Enjoy the beautiful Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast with us!

Tricycle Hire
eScooter Hire, Tricycle hire, e-scooter hire, bicycle hire

Gold Coast...Tricycle (Tricicle) Hire for family fun.

We hiring the e-scooters, 50cc Petrol Scooters, and tricycles too.

Just leave a text message at 0422 369 699 to get detailed information including prices.


eScooter Hire Gold Coast
Gold Coast eScooter Hire

eScooter (EzyBike) Gold Coast, eScooter Hire, GoldCoast Electric Scooter Hire

Anyone can ride our eScooter eGo if you know how to ride bicycles. However, if you are under 17 years old, you can ride it but please visit us with your parents or guardians to hire.

No need for a “Driver Licence” but requires a photo ID, at least over 17, and 18 years old. Do not require Pre-booking or payments, just walk in & hire.

For any further inquiries, simply leave a text message at 0422 369 699.

However, please obey our Government’s Road Laws & Rules when you riding for safety reasons. Thank you for your cooperation, enjoy your trip.


eGo Scooter


The most popular one, go work, school & recreational device "eGo" Scooter & Hire

Enjoy our eGo Scooter, similar to Lime but a different electric scooter hire,  just send a message to 0422 369 699 from your mobile, and we will send detailed info by text message to your mobile. Currently, we hire $35/h and $55/2h. The eGo, eScooters & Tricycles are the same prices.

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Hire Scooters, Gold Coast Scooter ready to Hire

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Gold Coast SCOOTER HIRE, Moped rental, eScooter HIRE Surfers Paradise,

Yes, we ready to hire more than 345 vehicles but rented as a long term base & temporary out of stocks, please let us know your hiring start & return DATE.

Just call us from your mobile phone(We do not answer any calls from a landline or private) to 0422 369 699, we will send detailed info by text message to your phone for further details with prices.

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Welcome Schoolies 2024, warmly welcome to Gold Coast~!

Welcome to Gold Coast !!!

YES, you can buy our eGo electric Auto scooter for your family.

To see the photos, please visit our website

If you are interested in hiring or buying our scooters, please email with your mobile number. Thank you.

Hire 50cc Petrol Scooter, Moped

Gold Coast Scooter Hire, hiring the 50cc petrol scooters. Required the Car Driver Licence only, even P licence acceptable. Do you have your own country’s driver licence only? OK, it’s acceptable in QLD whatever, your nationality. You are over 18 yrs but L licence? You can’t ride a 50cc petrol scooter but in the case of the FULL licenced person, YES, you can ride within him or her, following within 30 meters.

Always, use Parking Allowed Place only, after hired.

If you have any further enquiry, please do not hesitate to send a message to

Hiring sGo scooters, eScooter, Tricycle & popular 50cc Petrol scooter.

You can ride our electric scooters without any driver licence. However, required the Photo ID. If you are under 17 yrs, must come together with your parents or guardians to sign on the contract. If you are under 13 yrs, we do not recommend even not limited age to ride these vehicles for safety reasons. If you can ride well, your parents must be allowed & must be following you. If not, sorry, we do not hire to under 13 yrs. “Safety First”


Please allow that we do not answer calls from any landlines or Private numbers due to avoid risks. Please call(0422 369 699) us on your mobile after showing your mobile numbers.
We do a safety inspection for every vehicle daily that you ride. Always obey Gov’s Road traffic Laws & Rules when you ride. Also, please do not ride any vehicles if you are drunk or have taken drugs. Please, drive all the time safely.

We hope you have a pleasant journey and see you again. We are very welcome to send an enquiry at any time, and we will be happy to reply upon receiving any queries.  Thank you.


    PLEASE LEAVE A TEXT TO +61 0422 369 699

    Gold Coast Scooter Hire

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