50cc Moped Scooter (Petrol scooters)

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50cc Petrol Scooters (Moped)

P.S: Please note, the longer the cheaper. If you want to hire longer than an hour, please do not hesitate to call us 0422 369 699 between 08:30~ 18:00 7 Days

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rning time is better than afternoon…..

Scooter Hire Gold Coast,

Our location is just front of the Cypress Ave., Tram(G-link) Station at 3269 Surfers Paradise BLVD, Surfers Paradise.

Happy New Year 2019!  See you soon again.

Holiday Special ~always we offer at affordable prices!


Please ask us: 0422 369 699.

Free Petrol support/ Not extra charge.

*All these scooters are required your country’s CAR  driver licence only in Queensland.

*Not required International Driver Licence.

*Not limited km.

*Support Licenced Helmet & Maps.

If you want to longer than 3 hours, please call us from your mobile, we will send detail info with the special offer.

Just call to 0422 369 699 from your mobile, we’ll send detail price info. on your mobile phone.


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