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Merry X-Mas Gold Coast & Adieu 2019 SPECIAL Deal !!!

electric bicycles: $10/ first Hour

e-Scooter EzyBikes

tricycles/ “tricicle

50cc Petrol Scooters: $35/ first hour, the longer, the cheaper!

P.S: Please note, the longer the cheaper. If you want to hire longer than an hour, please do not hesitate to call us 07 5511 0398 between 08:30~ 18:00 7 Days

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Our location is just front of the Cypress Ave., Tram(G-link) Station at 3269 Surfers Paradise BLVD, Surfers Paradise.


Happy New Year 2020!

Welcome to Scooter Hire Gold Coast !!!

Holiday Special ~ we will send detail price info when you calling from your mobile.

~always we offer at affordable prices!

Please ask us: 07 5511 0398.


Free Petrol support/ Not extra charge.

If u have a kid, feel tired to walk……. the EzyBikes are the best way to explore Gold Coast….

Easier explore anywhere with our electric bicycles

Call Now 07 5511 0398

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