Scooter Hire Gold Coast

Merry X-Mas Gold Coast & Adieu 2019 SPECIAL Deal !!!

electric bicycles: $10/ first Hour

e-Scooter EzyBikes: 20/ first Hour

tricycles/ “tricicle“: $25/ first Hour

50cc Petrol Scooters: $30/ first Hour

P.S: Please note, the longer the cheaper. If you want to hire longer than an hour, please do not hesitate to call us 07 5511 0398 between 08:30~ 18:00 Open: 7 Days

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50cc Moped Scooter (Petrol)
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Suns out, to hire one of our 50cc PETROL Scooters or tricycles, Just call to 07 5511 0398 from your mobile, we’ll send detail price info. to your phone, not required send the email.

EzyBike Scooter (Electric)


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