FREE Petrol fully fill up for you ….

We are the largest scooter (Moped) hire Company at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

Our hiring items are  50cc scooters, ecobikes, electric scooter, push bikes, ezybikes, moped hire, e-scooters.

Just call to 07 5511 0398 from your mobile, we’ll send detail price info. to your phone, not required the email. Please note, we monitoring all incoming calls to protect from the junk.

Our business hour is from 8:30 to 17:30,  7 days/week.

Our location at down town, just opposite “SLING SHOT” or Mantra Crown Towers on the Surfers Paradise BLVD.,….walk 5 minutes from Cavil Ave., destination to North.(Just front of the Cypress Ave., G-link tram Station on the Surfers Paradise BLVD)

Any further enquiry, send message to

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